About the Project


SAFE stands for Supporting un-Accompanied children with Family-based care and Enhanced protection. SAFE project was initiated and is being implemented by the British Red Cross (UK) in partnership with KMOP (Greece), the Danish Red Cross (Denmark) and CARDET (Cyprus) for a period of two years beginning from November 2017. SAFE provides training and support to enable frontline practitioners and professionals, foster carers, kinship and Dublin family caretakers to improve and acquire knowledge, skills and confidence in order to provide quality family-based care to unaccompanied refugee children. Envisioning all the unaccompanied children as the ultimate beneficiaries of SAFE, the project activities will be delivered to the professionals and practitioners working with these children as well as their foster carers and kinship carers. Other beneficiaries are the general public and policy makers both at national and European level.

SAFE aims to enhance family-based care to promote welfare and ensure protection of unaccompanied children in the UK, Greece, Denmark and Cyprus.


  • Build the knowledge and the capacity of professionals and foster carers, kinship and Dublin family caretakers.
  • Enhance family-based care and promote welfare for unaccompanied children.
  • Ensure the protection of unaccompanied children in the UK, Cyprus, Denmark and Greece.


  • E-learning training modules for professionals
  • E-learning training modules for foster carers, kinship and Dublin family caretakers.
  • Face-to-face training of professionals and foster carers and kinship/Dublin caretakers.
  • Awareness raising and advocacy regarding family-based care for unaccompanied children, with policy makers and the wider public.

SAFE is a short documentary film about the experiences and the journeys of unaccompanied children travelling to Europe. In the film we hear from five young people who have travelled from Afghanistan and Eritrea to settle in the UK and Denmark. They discuss their reasons for leaving their home country, the issues they faced on their journeys to Europe, and beyond arrival how they feel about the asylum process, age disputes and the various challenges they face in dealing with the years that it can take to finally be granted their settled refugee statuses.

The film discusses the perils unaccompanied children face during their journeys and the trauma that can develop as a result of past events in their home countries, as well as exploring what happens during their journeys to Europe and the psychological problems that can arise whilst the children await for a decision from the authorities on their asylum applications.

Filmed in the UK, Denmark and Greece, the film has been directed by Anton Califano from Movement In Media.